Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. We offer Personal Training, Sports Therapy and Nutritional Therapy in Horsham and surrounding areas.  What makes our approach different, is the integration of all of these professions within the client journey. Make sure to check out our multiuse packages to learn more.

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Matthew James Naylor

Matthew is the founder of The Performance People as well as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. While he works with a range of clients, he specialises in injury rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and general body composition.

Donna Rose

Donna is a Personal Trainer and a keen fitness enthusiast herself. She can usually be found out and about running, or in the gym completing a HIIT workout. She specialises in weight loss and toning as well as outdoor fitness.
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Recently you may have seen my Instagram post on a common mistake made when completing a kneeling hip flexor stretch. This post is going to address this issue in more detail, as well as provide improvements to this common stretch. The most common hip flexor stretch is completed in a kneeling position, with one knee… Read More

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Over the next 5 posts, I’m going to be taking you through a full hip flexor series which will include posts and videos on how to assess, improve and maintain your hip flexor complex. This muscle attaches directly on to the pelvis, therefore it plays a key role in altering pelvic inclination levels. Because of… Read More

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You’re at work, it’s about 11 o’clock, your belly is rumbling and you’re craving something sweet. Sound familiar? Trying to find a healthy and filling snack can be really difficult. You’ll likely stumble across something that’s packed full of sugars and ingredients you’ve never heard of, or you’ll spend a fortune on something that sounds healthy,… Read More

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Hear From Our Clients

Before I started training with Matt, I had been a member of gyms but never had the confidence or the knowledge to train properly. Matt is great, he explains all of the exercises and demonstrates whilst telling you how they change your body. He is really encouraging. When I started seeing results I found I was looking forward to the gym! I have now started the 12 week online programme and am learning so much about nutrition, fitness and my body, I am six weeks in and have lost weight and am seeing a real difference in how I feel. My lifestyle has drastically changed since I started working with Matt. I am now confident to use the gym on my own, without being self-conscious or feeling out of place. Matt is patient, friendly and a great trainer.

With Matt I’ve managed to lose almost two stone in about 5 months. He’s so helpful and puts up with my mood swings when I’m having a down day.  He’s helped me get clued up with nutrition and taught me what healthy actually is, rather than my warped ideas on it.
The workout programmes change a lot which means I don’t get bored and my muscles don’t get lazy, and I enjoy all the sessions I have with Matt (even if at the time I give him evil stares), doing a variety of different exercises.
If anyone is hesitating in having him as a PT, I suggest you just go for it, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll have fun at the same time.

I would highly recommend Matt as a Personal trainer. I have come along way since my first personal training session and it is thanks to Matt. He is professional yet makes the sessions fun too – keeps me doing different things so I don’t get bored. I like the fact he helps you work on each muscle group rather than just one thing so you get an all round body workout. Also I have had a couple of sports therapy sessions as well which have really really helped with aches/pains and mobility. Matt definitely knows so much when it comes to the human body and exercise!

Since having an operation on my back 12 months ago, fitness has been a frustrating stop start of activities, making small amounts progress swiftly followed by a huge step back. Having Matt involved has seen the most continuous improvement, without any steps back. I now sleep at night with no pain, I get up from lying down without asking for someone to help me, I no longer grown like an old lady at any movement which is not sitting. Matt has been a considerate pair of hands that has built me up carefully and to a place where I can start to focus on performance and setting goals, which at one point was nothing but a distant consideration. Thanks Matt – only 3 months in but looking forward to July when we can push on with more focus & sweat

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